Crucial Benefits of Sweet Flag (Bach/vach) Herb For Your Mind

Natural is so diverse and wide that we scarcely know even 0.1% of the benefits it holds. We are not to be blamed for this as one lifetime is to short to get true hold of the potential of nature and natural elements. Yet, it is important for us to empower ourselves with the important and vital benefits of nature & certain natural products which hold huge benefits for our health. We here try to bring such natural elements to your attention and give you an idea how you can take care of your health and overall well-being and staying totally natural at the same time. Today we are going to tell you about one such exceptional natural herb Sweet Flag which is known as Bach or Vach in Hindi. This herb can do much more benefits to your brain and neurological function than any artificial expensive drug out there in the market. So make sure that you read this entire piece about Sweet Flag carefully because the information laid out here is going to be found rarely anywhere else on the internet.

Sweet Flag or vach is a very important and useful herb that has been used in Ayurveda & Ayurvedic treatments since the times of Charak and Sushrut. Sweet Flag or Bach is one of the 3 most exceptionally powerful herbs for mind, the other two being Brahmi & Shankhahuli.   There are two types of bach: Baal Bach and Ghora Bach. Out of these, it is the Ghora Bach that is mostly used for medicinal purposes.  A foul smell comes from its roots that’s why it is also known as ugrgandha. Some properties of bach are diuretic,anti-epileptic,laxative,anti-asthmatic etc.  We will tell you more about these properties and how it is going to impact your overall health. But first we will see some diseases and health conditions where using Sweet Flag or Bach can be extremely beneficial.

1.) Suryavrat & migraine : Survavrat denotes the headache that usually happens after sunrise. Bach or Sweetflag is extremely benefical in this ailment. Take Bach roots powder and Peepal powder and mix them. After that smell them twice in a day.

2)Throat problems (cough, asthma): boil roots of bach,black peeper and leaves of tulsi together and drink. It will surely relieve in throat problems. It also improves cold with cough ,hysteria,some other repiratory problems.

3)Piles: take ajwain and powder of bach together twice a day.

4)Headache: you can make paste of its roots and apply on your head to get rid from headache.

5)Malaria Fever: In modern science,doctors successfully use this herb in those cases of malaria fever in which shinkona herb fails.

6)Sinus congestion : To get rid from common cold and sinus congestion, use powder of Sweet flag (Bach) into your nose, it will cause sneezing which will help you in cleaning the respiratory tract.

7)Epilepsy and insanity: in every type of epilepsy and insanity ,bach is very useful to treat these problems successfully.People who get tiered after treatment from various places.they should really try this herb once.To get rid from these problems you can take powder of bach with honey. Please note that only milk and rice should be taken during treatment.

8) Cough and fever: It also shows its impact on cough and cold. In dry cough, one should chew its root for few minutes, it surely gives relief to sore throat. In manipur,it is specificly used for treating throat problems and cough.

9)Asthma: This herb is a bronchodilator also. It is effective in treating asthma and chronic bronchitis. The person suffering from asthma or any respiratory problem can take one glass of Sweet flag tea which will induce vomiting and hence, helps in cleaning the passage by expelling out cough.

10) In every type of insanity ,bach and brahmi together work really well.

11.)Sluggishness of speech: It enhances speech. So, the powder of Vach(Sweet flag) should be taken with warm water or honey .It will help in voice clarity and sluggishness of tongue while speaking.

12.) To remove the poisonous effect of Jamalgota – first, burn bach and then take one gram of its ash and mix that in water.drink that mixed water slowly to get relieved from the poisonous effect of Jamalgota.

People with high pitt should not take this herb without doctor’s prescription,otherwise it can show negative effects on their nervous system. For students ,this herb is very beneficial.If a person takes bach with warm water or milk continuously for a month,the person will become wise and intelligent.



According to research in October 2013, Sweet flag (Bach) has been used from a long time for treating number of diseases. Sweet flag (Bach) has been valued for its insecticidal properties, fragrant oils which have been used medicinally.

Again, According to research in November 2017, Sweet flag(Bach) is mentioned in Ayurveda and  is commonly used in traditional medicinal systems of Asia and Europe .In these countries, Bach(Sweet flag) is used for treating chest pain, disorders, nervous disorders, indigestion, loss of appetite etc.

Researchers have proved that this herb i.e. Sweet flag which is also known as Bach or Ghor Bach possesses various pharmacological properties and because of its ethnobotanical history, this herb is used in Ayurveda.

Hence, I want to tell you that Sweet flag (Bach) has a very long medicinal history in herbal and Ayurvedic traditions. Many products from this plant like powders, oils and extracts are being used in India since Vedic ages. It is now also used in modern herbal medicine as a mild tonic and aromatic stimulant. In Ayurveda, this herb is highly valued for the brain and nervous system and as a remedy for digestive problems. You can say here that this herb has been in a trade as a useful tonic and stimulant.

In nutshell, I want to tell you about medicinal properties of Sweet flag (Vach). The rhizome of Vach is very bitter in taste. It helps in voice clarity and promotes memory. The medicinal properties of Vach are: carminative, diuretic, antihelmintic, anti-inflammatory, laxative, aromatic, anti-septic, Sedative, nervine tonic, emetic etc.

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